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Netgear Firmware

Netgear firmware update

Netgear is a leading brand in manufacturing of world’s best routers and extenders. With latest technology and software all the devices from Netgear are capable to deliver best wifi connectivity. To keep its devices improved and updated Netgear regularly comes up with latest version of “Firmware”. Netgear Firmware Update improves the device performance and gives the latest features for best user experience. Whenever there is any update on latest firmware, you can see that by login to http://routerlogin.net . In this site you can see the message latest available firmware on the top most corner of the dashboard. With the firmware update you can add new features and can fix your device bugs without any hassles. Firmware update also improves your network procedures, admin controls and security. To do so you can click on the given link for Netgear Firmware Update and check the available update for your router. If you are using Netgear R6800AC1900, Netgear R6220 AC1200 or Netgear D500 N150 you have to follow the below given process of firmware update.

There are three different ways to update your netgear firmware update. Like any other brand netgear gives you the option to upload any specific firmware to your router via manual or other methods. Apart from the manual method you can also upgrade your firmware with Netgear Genie Software. Let’s discuss the netgear firmware upgrade via manual process and to do so you need to login www.routerlogin.net and use default web address of your router. Once you are done with this process then follow the below given steps-

How to Manually Upgrade Netgear Router’s Firmware?

To complete the process of netgear firmware update manually you need to follow the below given steps-

  • First visit the website www.netgear.com/support
  • Now type the model number of your router in given search box.
  • Select the model from the given drop down menu, if the model is not displayed in the dropdown menu then go to product category and browse the model.
  • Once you are through from selection of model then click on “Firmware and Software Download”.
  • In this section go to “Current Versions” and select the required firmware version.
  • Now click on the download button to download the latest firmware.
  • After the completion of firmware download you have to unzip and execute the file on your device. To do so run the .exe file.
  • Now follow the given instruction and netgear firmware update will be complete.

The above mentioned process is the best way to upgrade your netgear router manually. But in case, if you want to upgrade your netgear router by using “check” button then you have to follow the different set of instructions. Most of the time we get queries like “How do I update my NETGEAR router firmware using the Check button in the router web interface”? To resolve this we have added the instruction for the netgear router firmware update with check button. Follow the bellow given steps to complete the task-

  • First, launch a web browser from your PC, Laptop or any other wifi device which is connected to the network.
  • For PC try to use an Ethernet cable for firmware update process.
  • Now enter the http://www.routrerlogin.net.
  • Then enter the default username and password to complete the login.
  • Once you are done with login then click on ADVANCE>Administration.
  • In this section you will get “Firmware Update” or “Router Update option”.
  • Now click on the “Check “button click on it and you will be asked for download or install.
  • Click on the “Yes “to complete the process.
  • While the process of up gradation is going on do not interrupt or pause because it will affect the firmware update which can lead to corrupting the firmware.

After following the above steps the process of upload is complete which usually takes only five minutes’. Now restart your router and read the firmware note to determine the reconfiguration of firmware. Now understand the process of firmware update by using Genie Software for your Netgear product. Read the following steps carefully to understand the entire process.

Router firmware updates using the NETGEAR Genie Software-

In the latest version of Netgear router, firmware up gradation is very easy with the help of Netgear Genie Software. The only problem is not every model of Netgear router supports this software. To download the Netgear Genie you can use http://www.netgear.com/landing/genie/ and follow the below given steps.

To update the netgear router firmware firstly you have to open the Genie software and click on the router settings.


  • After that go to the router settings page and type your username and password for your router.

  • Go to the Wireless Settings of your router and click on the right corner of the dashboard which is a router update button.
  • Now hit the tab “Next” to check the availability of firmware.
  • Genie software automatically updates the new firmware for your router. Click on the message displayed on the screen for new firmware update.
  • Once the firmware check process is complete it will provide you the instruction for manual update of firmware. Now it will open the page https://www.routerlogin.net .
  • Now initiate the router firmware update.
  • Router will now be fetching the info from netgear server and will proceed to upload the firmware.
  • Once the upload is finished the router will reboot itself and will redirect to the Netgear Genie setting page. Here you can check the firmware version.
  • Now the process of Netgear Firmware update is complete.

Follow the above defined methods for netgear firmware update and keep your router updated for exploring new features. In case you have any difficulty to understand the process then call our experts to assist you for firmware update or you can reach us by mail for any query.